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Love feels no burden, regards not labors, strives toward more than it attains, argues not of impossibility, since it believes that it may and can do all things. Therefore it avails for all things, and fulfils and accomplishes much where one not a lover falls and lies helpless.
Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.
Love is a madness; if thwarted it develops fast.
The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.


Have enough courage to love.


Love is blind.


In love is no lack.
Love is love's reward.
All mankind love a lover.
Who, being loved, is poor?
Love grows with obstacles.
Love is a great beautifier.
All's fair in love and war.
Love is trembling happiness.
Love is metaphysical gravity.
Love like ours can never die!
Love is the wine of existence.
All our loves are first loves.
Love's a disease.  But curable.
One is very crazy when in love.


Love is nature's psychotherapy.
Love is friendship set on fire.
Love is an Observant Traveller.
Love is dope, not chicken soup.
Love and a cough cannot be hid.
Love is the beauty of the soul.
The best proof of love is trust.


Love is the poetry of the senses.
Love is three-quarters curiosity.


Love dies only when growth stops.


Where there is love there is life.
Hell, madam, is to love no longer.
Love is the white light of emotion.
Love is the wild card of existence.
Hatred can be overcome only by love.


The first duty of love is to listen.

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Who so loves believes the impossible.


Friendship is Love without his wings!


If music be the food of love, play on.


Love, the last defense against old age.

old age

Love is my religion—I could die for it.
Love is the river of life in the world.
Remember that love forgives everything.


Love must be as much a light as a flame.
Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.
It's love that makes the world go round.
It is impossible to love and to be wise.


Take away love, and our earth is a tomb!
Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.
Love cannot live where there is no trust.


Reason is a weak antagonist against love.

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Lovers' quarrels are the renewal of love.


He who cannot love must learn to flatter.


Love is the flower you've got to let grow.
Love's a thin Diet, nor will keep out Cold.
If you would be loved, love, and be lovable.
Love is a net that catches hearts like fish.
When love is deep, much can be accomplished.


Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.
To live without loving is not really to live.


We love because it's the only true adventure.


The course of true love never did run smooth.


There is no remedy for love but to love more.
Love is the most selfish of all the passions.

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When love is suppressed hate takes its place.

love and hate

Love demands infinitely less than friendship.


The giving of love is an education in itself.
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.
Love will enter cloaked in friendship's name.


Familiarity, truly cultivated, can breed love.
Love, like truth, is the unassailable defense.
At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.


Happiness is the china shop; love is the bull.


Love and joy are twins, or born of each other.


Love is a game that two can play and both win.
Love means not ever having to say you're sorry.
Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
Love is what you've been through with somebody.
No one worth possessing can be quite possessed.


Love sought is good, but given unsought better.
The love we give away is the only love we keep.
An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge.


Him that I love, I wish to be free—even from me.


Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.


Love is like
a pineapple,
sweet and
Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables.


Ambition and love are the wings of great actions.


A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Love is the music of the Universe ... just dance.
It's easy to halve the potato where there's love.
— Irish proverb

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It is not love, but lack of love, which is blind.
The only way to speak the truth is speak lovingly.


At the gate which suspicion enters, love goes out.

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Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom.
Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
That Love is all there is, 
Is all we know of Love.
Love sought is good, but given unsought, is better.
I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.
Love is an exploding cigar which we willingly smoke.
Love letters are the campaign promises of the heart.


Love is the only disease that makes you feel better.
Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.


Love is a passion that hath friends in the garrison.
Here's to the happy man: All the world loves a lover.


For many people, love is a collaborative work of art.
Where there is great love, there are always miracles.


Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.
Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.

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Puberty is the cradle of love, senility its cremation.
Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop.
Love is the power to see similarity in the dissimilar.
I am two fools, I know, for loving, and for saying so.
Love sacrifices all things to bless the thing it loves.
If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?


Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat.
Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough.
Love never dies of starvation, but often of indigestion.
Life is pain and the enjoyment of love is an anesthetic.

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To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
I have fallen in love with someone who hides inside you.
Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
I have enjoyed the happiness of the world; I have loved.
Anyone who has never really loved has never really lived.
Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.
Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish.
Pains of love be sweeter far than all other pleasures are.
Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.


Life without Love is like a tree without blossom and fruit.


The best cure for unrequited love: get to know them better.


Anxiety is love's greatest killer. It creates the failures.


Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.
Love looks through a telescope; envy, through a microscope.


So many catastrophes in love are only accidents of egotism.


Love is like a virus.  It can happen to anybody at any time.
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.
— John 4:18


Love is the child of illusion and the parent of disillusion.
Nobody dies from lack of sex.  It's lack of love we die from.


Oh, what a dear ravishing thing is the beginning of an Amour!
Friendship often ends in love. But love in friendship; never.


I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love.
Love is an ocean of emotions, entirely surrounded by expenses.


If two people love each other there can be no happy end to it.

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Love commingled with hate is more powerful than love. Or hate.
Love and the union of love is impossible without conversation.


We can do not great things; only small things with great love.


Love liberates. It doesn't just hold—that's ego—love liberates!
Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.
Love is an art.  I thought you might notice my craft is ebbing.
One hour of right-down love is worth an age of dully living on.
Love is an energy which exists of itself.  It is its own value.
Love is all we have, the only way
that each can help the other.

helping others

Love is what happens to men and women who don't know each other.


To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.
Love is not a mere impulse, it must contain truth, which is law.
When you love someone all your saved-up wishes start coming out.


The whole worth of a kind deed lies in the love that inspires it.
— Talmud

helping others

There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.

civil rights movement

I don't want to live, I want to love first and live incidentally.
Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
Love is an emotion experienced by the many and enjoyed by the few.
Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it.
One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.
Being loved by all is little fun 
Unless you're also loved by one.
Love is like playing checkers.  You have to know which man to move.
It is impossible to repent of love. The sin of love does not exist.
A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.

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'Tis better to have loved and lust than never to have loved at all.


Love's like the measles - all the worse when it comes late in life.
Love is an attempt to change a piece of a dream world into reality.
Perfect love means to love the one through whom one became unhappy.
Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.
We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.


Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.


Love can achieve unexpected majesty in the rocky soil of misfortune.
Like the measles, love was most dangerous when it came late in life.
In love as in sport, the amateur status must be strictly maintained.
Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead.


A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.


Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain.


The loss of love is a terrible thing;
They lie who say death is worse.


Love did his reason blind,
And love's the noblest frailty of the mind.
You can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.


Any woman can fool a man if she wants to and if he's in love with her.

cynical deceit men men and women

We love those who know the worst of us and don't turn their faces away.

friendship relationships

To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind.


Say what you will, 'tis better to be left than never to have been loved.


Yes, Love indeed is a light from heaven,;
a spark of that immortal fire.
One is never wounded by the love one gives, only by the love one expects.
Love's greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.
Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.


Love comes disguised as a thunderbolt and often vanishes at the same pace.
Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.
When first we met we did not guess
That love would prove so hard a master.
We don't believe in rheumatism and true love until after the first attack.

true love

To say the truth, reason and love keep little company together now-a-days.
For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.
Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.
Two things only a man cannot hide: that he is drunk and that he is in love.


Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand.
Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.


Love cures people, the ones who receive love and the ones who give it, too.
The journey of love has been rather a lacerating, if well-worth-it, journey.
Love is proud of itself. It leaks out of us even with the tightest security.
Brevity may be the soul of wit, but not when someone's saying, "I love you."


No disguise can long conceal love where it is, nor feign it where it is not.
I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.


Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction.
A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.


The purest affection the heart can hold is the honest love of a nine-year-old.
A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love.


Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for love is sufficient unto love.
Love is a universal migraine
A bright stain on the vision
Blotting out reason.
Love is like a card trick.  After you know how it works, it's no fun any more.
Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love.


Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.
Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.


Love is not altogether a delirium...yet has it many points in common therewith.
If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.
As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.
Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.
We must have a weak spot or two in our character before we can love others much.


Love is a rose but you better not pick it.  It only grows when it's on the vine.
Love is like any other luxury. You have no right to it unless you can afford it.


Love is a kind of dementia with very precise and oft-repeated clinical symptoms.
Love is like any other luxury.  You have no right to it unless you can afford it.
On the whole, love comes with the speed of light; separation, with that of sound.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
— John 15:13

biblical friendship

But God will look to every soul like its first love because He is its first love.


Love ... it surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be.
We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
Love without esteem cannot go far or reach high. It is an angel with only one wing.


When a woman says, "Ah, I could love you if . . ."—fear not, she already loves you.


In love we are not only liable to betray ourselves, but also the secrets of others.
To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.
To fall in love you have to be in the state of mind for it to take, like a disease.
When a man is in love he endures more than at other times; he submits to everything.


Love reckons hours for months and days for years and every little absence is an age.
Love talked about can be easily turned aside, but love demonstrated is irresistible.
Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.


The main condition for the achievement of love is the overcoming of one's narcissism.


Love clamors far more incessantly and passionately at a closed gate than an open one!
"But Father, I don't know how to love." No one knows how to love; we learn every day.
Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else.
Four be the things I'd have been better without: love, curiosity, freckles and doubt.
Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.

caution happiness

Love and memory last, and will so endure till the game is called because of darkness.

death memory

Love endures only when the lovers love many things together and not merely each other.


Imagination is to love what gas is to the balloon—that which raises it from the earth.


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.


Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.
Love is the emotion that a woman feels always for a poodle dog and sometimes for a man.
Friendship may, and often does, grow into love, but love never subsides into friendship.


Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.
The first symptom of true love in a young man is timidity; in a young girl it is boldness.

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In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.

true love

There's no such thing as safe love.  Real love means giving someone the power to hurt you.
Love never claims, it ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents, never revenges itself.
Love is a plant of the most tender kind,
That shrinks and shakes with every ruffling wind.
Half – the most beautiful half – of life is hidden from him who has not loved passionately.
The hardest learned lesson: that people have only their kind of love to give, not our kind.


Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense.


"Love" is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.


That cordial drop heaven in our cup has thrown
To make the nauseous draught of life go down.
There's nothing in this world so sweet as love. And next to love the sweetest thing is hate.


Is it not strange that love, so fickle, is ranked above friendship, almost always so worthy?


If you love someone but rarely make yourself available to him or her, that is not true love.

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The longest absence is less perilous to love than the terrible trials of incessant proximity.

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No cord nor cable can so forcibly draw, or hold so fast, as love can do with a twined thread.
The face of all the world is changed, I think,
Since I first heard the footsteps of thy soul.
Once we realize we are all members of humanity, we will want to compete in the spirit of love.

brotherhood of man

There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love.
Marrying for love may be a bit risky, but it is so honest that God can't help but smile on it.


Oh, love is real enough; you will find it some day, but it has one arch-enemy—and that is life.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Love is not blind - it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.
One must love with all of one's being, or else live, come what may, a life of complete chastity.
If you haven't had at least a slight poetic crack in the heart, you have been cheated by nature.


How appropriate it seems that in the dwelling place of human emotions, love is the last to leave.
Love is creative, understanding goodwill for all men. It is the refusal to defeat any individual.

brotherhood of man

The greatest happiness love can offer is the first pressure of hands between you and your beloved.


Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished.


Love is more pleasant than marriage for the same reason that novels are more amusing than history.


Love is based on a view of women that is impossible to those who have had any experience with them.

cynical women

Perhaps what makes friendship and love exciting is the continuing discovery of another personality.


I have always been suspicious of romantic love.  It looks too much like a narcissism shared by two.

narcissist romance

It has been said that love robs those who have it of their wit, and gives it to those who have none.
Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.

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It [love] is like a cigar. If it goes out you can light it again, but it never tastes quite the same.

Cigar cigars

I never knew how much like heaven this world could be, when two people love and live for one another!


Love is not liking somebody. Anyone can do that. Love is loving things that sometimes you don't like.
Of all the icy blasts that blow on love, a request for money is the most chilling and havoc-wreaking.
Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.


The important thing is not to think much, but to love much, and so to do what best awakens us to love.
Suffering for love is how I have learned practically everything I know, love of grandmother up and on.
Love is not measured by how many times you touch each other but by how many times you reach each other.


And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.
Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.


The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.
It is best to love wisely, no doubt: but to love foolishly is better than not to be able to love at all.
There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder.
Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love: it is the faithless who know love's tragedies.


There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved: It is God's finger on man's shoulder.
Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth, or burn down your house, you can never tell.
Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open, and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts away.
Love is a rare herb that makes a friend even out of a sworn enemy and this herb grows out of nonviolence.


Loving someone is a loss of freedom — but one doesn't think of it as loss because one gains so much else.
Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness.

forgiveness prayer

For that is one of the best things about love: the feeling of being wrapped, like a gift, in understanding.
If we are ever damned, it will not be because we have loved too much, but because we have loved too little.
For Love is ever the beginning of Knowledge, as fire is of light; and works also more in the manner of fire.
So long as we love we serve; so long as we are loved by others, I would almost say that we are indispensable.


Love as a relation between men and women was ruined by the desire to make sure of the legitimacy of children.

cynical marriage

The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.
Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

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Love is like a faucet. It turns off and on.
Sometimes when you think it's on, baby,
It has turned off and gone.
The more we love our friends, the less we flatter them; it is by excusing nothing that pure love shows through.


Human nature was originally one and we were a whole, and the desire and the pursuit of the whole is called love.
By accident of fortune a man may rule the world for a time, but by virtue of love he may rule the world forever.
Can miles truly separate you from friends ... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?
Love doesn't just drop on you unexpectedly; you have to give off signals, sort of like an amateur radio operator.
Love-matches are made by people who are content for a month of honey, to condemn themselves to a life of vinegar.
There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.
Love is the fart
Of every heart:
It pains a man when 'tis kept close,
And others doth offend, when 'tis let loose.
If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were.


We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love - first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage.


Love is indescribable and unconditional. I could tell you a thousand things that it is not, but not one that it is.
We know that we can help ourselves only as we help others, and that the love we give away is the only love we keep.

Giving helping others

Love and time—those are the only two things in all the world and all of life that cannot be bought, but only spent.


Money is of value for what it buys, and in love it buys time, place, intimacy, comfort, and a private corner alone.


It seems to me that the coming of love is like the coming of spring; the date is not to be reckoned by the calendar.
We love in another's soul
whatever of ourselves
we can deposit in it;
the greater the deposit,
the greater the love.
He that shuts love out, in turn shall be
Shut out from love, and on her threshold lie
Howling in the outer darkness.
Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does.  Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.
Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.

ultimate reality

Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.
Love is a fruit, in season at all times and within the reach of every hand.  Anyone may gather it and no limit is set.
Of life's two chief prizes, beauty and truth, I found the first in a loving heart and the second in a labourer's hand.

beauty truth work

Do not believe those persons who say they have never been jealous. What they mean is that they have never been in love.


In the love affair, as in sculpture, poetry, and every other fine art, no lasting success can be achieved without skill.
To love is much more than feeling tenderness or a certain emotion once in a while. It's a total challenge to creativity!
Love is always bestowed as a gift—freely, willingly, and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love.
Real love is a pilgrimage.  It happens when there is no strategy, but it is very rare because most people are strategists.
Love is the most difficult and dangerous form of courage.
Courage is the most desperate, admirable and noble kind of love.
To see a young couple loving each other is no wonder; but to see an old couple loving each other is the best sight of all.

youth & age

Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice.
The error bred in the bone
Of each woman and each man
Craves what it cannot have,
Not universal love
But to be loved alone.


"There is no love; there are only proofs of love." Whatever love I might feel in my heart, others will see only my actions.
Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules.  The most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice.
Always be concerned when a naked man offers you his shirt; a person can't love you if he or she can't love him- or herself.
Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
O, my luve's like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June.
O, my luve's like the melodie,
That's sweetly play'd in tune.
This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted.
It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous, that you realize just how much you love them!
Life has taught us that love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.
Love is the master key that unlocks the gates of happiness, of hatred, of jealousy, and most easily of all, the gate of fear.


When love first dawns on the mind, the faintest superficial contact flashes along the nerves as a thrill of delicious emotion.
If you cannot inspire a woman with love of you, fill her above the brim with love of herself—all that runs over will be yours.
They say love is a two-way street. But I don't believe it, because the one I've been on for the last two years was a dirt road.
Love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.
What I had loved so much about Jenny was her ability to see inside me, to understand things I never needed to carve out in words.
I love you and, because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies.

lies truth

Perhaps the depth of love can be calibrated by the number of different selves that are actively involved in a given relationship.

the self

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.

peace power

Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be.
Love is an image of God, and not a lifeless image, but the living essence of the all divine nature which beams full of all goodness.
Love at first sight is easy to understand. It's when two people have been looking at each other for years that it becomes a miracle.


In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.
In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art.  It is the color of love.
Love is not enough.  It must be the foundation, the cornerstone—but not the complete structure.  It is much too pliable, too yielding.
Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.  Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.


Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence.
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight.
Love, n.  A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder.
Love, I find, is like singing.  Everybody can do enough to satisfy themselves, though it may not impress the neighbors as being very much.
Love is a force.  It is not a result; it is a cause.  It is not a product; it produces.  It is a power, like money or steam or electricity.
When I was a child, love to me was what the sea is to a fish: something you swim in while you are going about the important affairs of life.

children parenting

Loving a child doesn't mean giving in to all his whims; to love him is to bring out the best in him, to teach him to love what is difficult.

advisory parenting parents potential

Know first that this is fear. Fear arises from lack of love. The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love. Perfect love is the Atonement.


In how many lives does Love really play a dominant part?  The average taxpayer is no more capable of a "grand passion" than of a grand opera.


I believe in the compelling power of love. I do not understand it. I believe it to be the most fragrant blossom of all this thorny existence.
We are born with a scream; we come into life with a scream, and maybe love is a mosquito net between the fear of living and the fear of death.
I never saw love as luck, as that gift from the gods which put everything else in place, and allowed you to succeed.  No, I saw love as reward.


You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; in just the same way, you learn to love by loving.
Love kills intelligence.  The brain and the heart act upon each other in the manner of an hour-glass.  One fills itself only to empty the other.
The means to gain happiness is to throw out from oneself like a spider in all directions an adhesive web of love, and to catch in all that comes.


When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes; when they do not love us, they give us credit for nothing, not even our virtues.


Love is that splendid triggering of human vitality, the supreme activity which nature affords anyone for going out of himself toward someone else.
When one loves somebody, everything is clear—where to go, what to do—it all takes care of itself and one doesn't have to ask anybody about anything.
I can see from your utter misery, from your eagerness to misunderstand each other, and from your thoroughly bad temper, that this is the real thing.


Love is like the wild rose-briar;
Friendship like the holly-tree.
The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms,
But which will bloom most constantly?


The saddest thing in life and the hardest to live through is the knowledge that there is someone you love very much whom you cannot save from suffering.


Love requires the utmost vulnerability. We equip someone with freshly sharpened knives; strip naked; then invite him to stand close. What could be scarier?
To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia—to mistake an ordinary young man for a Greek god or an ordinary young woman for a goddess.
Love is no hot-house flower, but a wild plant, born of a wet night, born of an hour of sunshine; sprung from wild seed, blown along the road by a wild wind.
Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.
Love has its own instinct, finding the way to the heart, as the feeblest insect finds the way to its flower, with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside.
Not the artful postures of love, but love that overthrows life. Unbiddable, ungovernable, like a riot in the heart, and nothing to be done, come ruin or rapture.
Love needs new leaves every summer of life, as much as your elm-trees, and new branches to grow broader and wider, and new flowers at the root to cover the ground.
Men always want to be a woman's first love. That is their clumsy vanity. Women have a more subtle instinct about things. What they like is to be a man's last romance.

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There is no joy on this earth like falling in love with a woman and managing at the same time the trick of keeping just enough perspective to see her fall in love too.
We cannot love ourselves unless we love others, and we cannot love others unless we love ourselves.  But a selfish love of ourselves makes us incapable of loving others.
Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

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Love makes its record in deeper colors as we grow out of childhood into manhood; as the emperors signed their names in green ink when under age, but when of age in purple.
When desire, having rejected reason and overpowered judgment which leads to right, is set in the direction of the pleasure which beauty can inspire, ... it is called love.
Love is a sometimes breathless sigh, a sometimes gasping cry, a moaning plea, a lonely ship on an angry sea, calling out for an SOS, or just a helping hand to guide her home.
All love that has not friendship for its base,
Is like a mansion built upon the sand.
Love, to endure life's sorrow and earth's woe,
Needs friendship's solid masonwork below.


I love you to the limits of speech, and beyond.
It's strange that words are so inadequate.
Yet, like the asthmatic struggling for breath,
So the lover must struggle for words.


There are two kinds of love: we love wise and kind and beautiful people because we need them, but we love (or try to love) stupid and disagreeable people because they need us.
We turn toward love like sunflowers to the sun, and then the human parts kick in.  This seems to me the only real problem, the human parts—the body, for instance, and the mind.
When love beckons to you, follow him, 
Though his ways are hard and steep. 
And when his wings enfold you yield to him, 
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
This is the true measure of love: when we believe that we alone can love, that no one could ever have loved so before us, and that no one will ever love in the same way after us.
Love is our essential nutrient. Without it, life has little meaning. It's the best thing we have to give and the most valuable thing we receive. It's worthy of all the hullabaloo.
Love, like a running brook, is disregarded, taken for granted; but when the brook freezes over, then people begin to remember how it was when it ran, and they want it to run again.
Wouldn't it be a beautiful world if just 10 percent of the people who believe in the power of love would compete with one another to see who could do the most good for the most people?

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Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering.  The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable.
A man when he is making up to anybody can be cordial and gallant and full of little attentions and altogether charming. But when a man is really in love he can't help looking like a sheep.


There is only one terminal dignity—love.  And the story of a love is not important—what is important is that one is capable of love.  It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.
Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.
Lust is what makes you keep wanting to do it, even when you have no desire to be with each other.  Love is what makes you keep wanting to be with each other, even when you have no desire to do it.


Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.


But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Americans, who make more of marrying for love than any other people, also break up more of their marriages, but the figure reflects not so much the failure of love as the determination not to live without it.


Married love is a stream that, after a certain length of time, sinks into the earth and flows underground.  Something is there, but one does not know what.  Only the vegetation shows that there is still water.
In the spring time, thousands of different kinds of flowers bloom. Your heart can also bloom. You can let your heart open up to the world. Love is possible— do not be afraid of it. Love is indispensable to life.


I used to think that romantic love was a neurosis shared by two, a supreme foolishness.  I no longer thought that.  There's nothing foolish in loving anyone.  Thinking you'll be loved in return is what's foolish.

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For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been given to us, the ultimate, the final problem and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation.
Friendship, which is of its nature a delicate thing, fastidious, slow of growth, is easily checked, will hesitate, demur, recoil where love, good old blustering love, bowls ahead and blunders through every obstacle.


If we are a metaphor of the universe, the human couple is the metaphor par excellence, the point of intersection of all forces and the seed of all forms. The couple is time recaptured, the return to the time before time.


Nothing is so sensitive as love—and the greater, the more sensitive.  It cannot endure indifference.  It needs to be wanted.  Like a lamp, it needs to be fed from out of the oil of another's heart, or its flame burns low.
Love is friendship that has caught fire.  It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving.  It is loyalty through good and bad times.  It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.


If we have someone who loves us—I don't mean who indulges us, but who loves us enough to be on our side—then it's easier to grow resilience, to grow belief in self, to grow self-esteem. And it's self-esteem that allows a person to stand up.

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Oh, there is nothing holier, in this life of ours, than the first consciousness of love—the first fluttering of its silken wings; the first rising sound and breath of wind which is so soon to sweep through the soul, to purify or to destroy!
Story writers say that love is concerned only with young people, and the excitement and glamour of romance end at the altar. How blind they are. The best romance is inside marriage; the finest love stories come after the wedding, not before.

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Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky.

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Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy. That is not our business and, in fact, it is nobody's business. What we are asked to do is to love, and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy if anything can.
There's always a moment when you start to fall out of love, whether it's with a person or an idea or a cause, even if it's one you only narrate to yourself years after the event: a tiny thing, a wrong word, a false note, which means that things can never be quite the same again.
Now he discovered that secret from which one never quite recovers, that even in the most perfect love one person loves less profoundly than the other.  There may be two equally good, equally gifted, equally beautiful, but there can never be two that love one another equally well.
Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more.


When we come into contact with the other person, our thoughts and actions should express our mind of compassion, even if that person says and does things that are not easy to accept. We practice in this way until we see clearly that our love is not contingent upon the other person being lovable.


Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
— The Bible—1 Corinthians 13:4-7


Up to a certain point it is good for us to know that there are people in the world who will give us love and unquestioned loyalty to the limit of their ability. I doubt, however, if it is good for us to feel assured of this without the accompanying obligation of having to justify this devotion by our behavior.


The one thing that I know about love for sure is that it's the only game in town and that you must keep going back to bat again and again and again. I have no respect for anyone who says they've given up, or that they're not looking or that they're tired. That is to abrogate one's responsibility as a human being.
Love is like some fresh spring that leaves its cresses, its gravel bed, and flowers to become first a stream and then a river, changing its aspect and its nature as it flows to plunge itself in some boundless ocean, where restricted natures only find monotony, but where great souls are engulfed in endless contemplation.
Love never dies a natural death.  It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source, it dies of blindness and errors and betrayals.  It dies of illnesses and wounds, it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings, but never a natural death.  Every lover should be brought to trial as the murderer of his own love.
Wouldn't it be great if we could buy love for $1 million. But the only way to be loved is to be lovable. You always get back more than you give away. If you don't give any, you won't get any. There's nobody I know who commands the love of others who doesn't feel like a success. And I can't imagine people who aren't loved feel very successful.
I am grateful that love exists: familial love (love between relatives), romantic love (a passion between lovers), agape love (divine love between God and friends), love of nature (the majesty of mountains, the lasting love of oceans), and the joy of laughter. We are stronger, kinder, and more generous because we Live in an atmosphere where love exists.
You must come to see that it is possible for a man to be self-centered in his self-denial and self-righteous in his self-sacrifice. He may be generous in order to feed his ego and pious in order to feed his pride. Man has the tragic capacity to relegate a heightening virtue to a tragic vice. Without love benevolence becomes egotism, and martyrdom becomes spiritual pride.

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Infatuation is when you think he's as sexy as Robert Redford, as smart as Henry Kissinger, as noble as Ralph Nader, as funny as Woody Allen, and as athletic as Jimmy Connors. Love is when you realize that he's as sexy as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Ralph Nader, as athletic as Henry Kissinger and nothing like Robert Redford - but you'll take him anyway.
What the great philosophers have said vis-à-vis love.   "Love is a slippery eel that bites like hell." Bertrand Russell.   "Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine-gun." Kierkegaard.   "Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath.  At night, the ice weasels come." Nietzsche
It's the energy of mindfulness in us that allows us to write a real love letter and reconcile with another person. A real love letter is made of insight, understanding, and compassion. Otherwise it's not a love letter. A true love letter can produce a transformation in the other person, and therefore in the world. But before it produces a transformation in the other person, it has to produce a transformation within us. Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write.

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