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An apt quotation is like a lamp which flings its light over the whole sentence.


How Envy dogs success.


Fame is bought by happiness.


Shopping, true feminine felicity!


Delicious tears!  The heart's own dew.


Doubts, like facts, are stubborn things.


The past is perpetual youth to the heart.

the past

Restraint is the golden rule of enjoyment.
— Letitia Landon
How Disappointment tracks
The steps of Hope.

hope disappointment

No thoroughly occupied man was ever yet very miserable.
— Letitia Landon
For what can wake the soul's strong instinct of another world like music?
— Letitia Landon
I believe that travelling is as much a passion as love, poetry, or ambition.


Imagination is to love what gas is to the balloon—that which raises it from the earth.

imagination love

In came...a baby, eloquent as infancy usually is, and like most youthful orators, more easily heard than understood.


It is amazing how much a thought expands and refines by being put into speech: I should think it could hardly know itself.

speech thoughts

Humor is of the heart, and has its tears; but wit is of the head, and has only smiles—and the majority of those are bitter.

wit humor wit vs. humor

Whatever people in general do not understand, they are always prepared to dislike; the incomprehensible is always the obnoxious.


The old proverb, applied to fire and water, may, with equal truth, be applied to the imagination—it is a good servant, but a bad master.


We would liken music to Aladdin's lamp—worthless in itself, not so for the spirits which obey its call.  We love it for the buried hopes, the garnered memories, the tender feelings, it can summon with a touch.