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Art: to nudge truth along a little.
— Jules Renard


Words are the small change of thought.
— Jules Renard

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The idea of calm exists in a sitting cat.
— Jules Renard


There is false modesty, but there is no false pride.


A cold in the head causes less suffering than an idea.
— Jules Renard


Laziness: the habit of resting before fatigue sets in.

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Laziness is nothing more than resting before you get tired.
— Jules Renard


Do not ask me to be kind; just ask me to act as though I were.
— Jules Renard


I am never bored anywhere; being bored is an insult to oneself.


Talent is like money: you don't have to have some to talk about it.
— Jules Renard
Everything depends on work. We owe it everything; it regulates our lives.
— Jules Renard
Walks.  The body advances, while the mind flutters around it like a bird.

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I finally know what distinguishes man from the beasts: financial worries.
— Jules Renard


Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.
— Jules Renard

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I finally know what distinguishes man from the other beasts: financial worries.
— Jules Renard


The danger of success is that it makes us forget the world's dreadful injustice.
— Jules Renard


We are so happy to advise others that occasionally we even do it in their interest.


Failure is not our only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others.

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If one were to build the house of happiness, the largest space would be the waiting room.


We don't understand life any better at forty than at twenty, but we know it and admit it.
— Jules Renard

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Talent is a question of quantity. Talent does not write one page: it writes three hundred.
— Jules Renard
Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.
— Jules Renard


Talent is a question of quantity.  Talent does not write one page: it writes three hundred.


The truly free man is he who knows how to decline a dinner invitation without giving an excuse.
— Jules Renard


When the defects of others are perceived with so much clarity, it is because one possesses them oneself.
— Jules Renard


There is nothing like literature.  I lose a cow, I write about her death, and my writing pays me enough to buy another cow.
— Jules Renard


We are in the world to laugh. In purgatory or in hell we shall no longer be able to do so. And in heaven it would not be proper.
— Jules Renard


Love kills intelligence.  The brain and the heart act upon each other in the manner of an hour-glass.  One fills itself only to empty the other.