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Alimony is the curse of the writing classes.


There is nothing safe about sex. There never will be.


Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing.


The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level.
— Norman Mailer


Sentimentality is the emotional promiscuity of those who have no sentiment.
For Ali to compose a few words of real poetry would be equal to an intellectual throwing a good punch.

Muhammad Ali

Simple narcissism goves the power of beasts to politicians, professional wrestlers, and female movie stars.


Madness is locked beneath.  It goes into tissues, is swallowed by the cells.  The cells go mad.  Cancer is their flag.


With the pride of the artist, you must blow against the walls of every power that exists, the small trumpet of your defiance.


The highest prize in a world of men is the most beautiful woman available on your arm and living there in her heart loyal to you.
— Norman Mailer
I never saw love as luck, as that gift from the gods which put everything else in place, and allowed you to succeed.  No, I saw love as reward.

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If you are very active as vice-president, everyone in America knows your name.  But that is your only property.  It is not the same as real power—more like being a movie star.


America is a hurricane, and the only people who do not hear the sound are those fortunate if incredibly stupid and smug White Protestants who live in the center, in the serene eye of the big wind.