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Love ain't nothing but sex misspelled.
— Harlan Ellison


Apart from hydrogen, the most common thing in the universe is stupidity.


The one thing that I know about love for sure is that it's the only game in town and that you must keep going back to bat again and again and again. I have no respect for anyone who says they've given up, or that they're not looking or that they're tired. That is to abrogate one's responsibility as a human being.
— Harlan Ellison


[The reason that] Orientals are better and wiser in sex and love is a manifestation of the same spirit that produced the Zen garden. Their religion is a much kinder religion than ours; it honors the forefathers, their gods are not mean-spirited, nasty, gimlet-eyed gods who'll give you a bolt of lightning in the ass if you masturbate.
— Harlan Ellison


The French are, as a nation, okay; but most of those who live in Paris, to be fair about it, are pond slime. These people don't just hate the Americans, they hate the British, they despise Arabs, they loathe the Swiss, the Japanese, the Germans—they really hate the Germans, they hate everybody. They hate somebody from the next arrondissement, for pete's sake.
— Harlan Ellison


In an early class, one of the students asked me if I believed in God. I replied, 'I don't think so.' And then proceeded to wail on the theme, using material from this column of some weeks ago, in which I observed the perpetuation of insanity on this planet through the mediums of Arabs-vs-Jews, Catholics-vs- Protestants, Southern Baptists-vs-Everyone. I said I felt if 'God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he them,' (Genesis 2:27, King James's) then we were God. And when Man (my capitalization, not King James's) in his most creative, his most loving, his most gentle and most human, then he is most God-like. The student said he would pray for my immortal soul. He also asked for my address, so he could send me some literature on the subject of God. I thanked him politely and told him I'd gotten all the literature I could handle on the subject from a certain Thomas Aquinas.
— Harlan Ellison

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