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Gossip needs no carriage.
— Russian proverb

proverbs Russian proverbs

All literature is gossip.


Gossip is nature's telephone.
A chattering bird builds no nest.
— African proverb

African proverbs proverbs

Gossip is irresponsible communication.
Today's gossip is tomorrow's headline.
Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed.
When gossip gets old it becomes a myth.
Men gossip less than women, but mean it.

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There is nothing busier than an idle rumor.
Gossip, unlike river water, flows both ways.
Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.


Gossip?  It's the mother's milk of journalism.


Gossip columnist: one who writes other's wrongs.
— Braude’s Treasury of Wit and Humor
What is gossip? It's a truth taken out of context.
The most powerful force in the Universe is gossip.
The inspired scribbler always has the gift for gossip.
Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell.
Gossip ... is only fiction produced by non-professionals.
News does not have wings, yet it can cross the seven seas.
— African proverb

African proverbs proverbs

Don't talk about yourself; it will be done when you leave.
I don't call it gossip, I call it 'emotional speculation.'
Bad news goes about in clogs, good news in stockinged feet.
— Welsh proverb

proverbs Welsh proverbs

Some people will believe anything if it is whispered to them.

human nature

I listened as she poured a little social sewage into his ears.
Gossip is that which no one claims to like—but everybody enjoys.
To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.
Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.
History is gossip but scandal is gossip made tedious by morality.
Gossip is when you hear something you like about someone you don't.
Hear no evil, speak no evil- And you'll never be invited to a party.
None are so fond of secrets as those who do not intend to keep them.


If you can't say something good about someone, sit right here by me.
A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run.


If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.


It's the gossip columnist's business to write about what is none of his business.


Conversation is when three people are talking; gossip is when one of them leaves.
The more virtuous any man is, the less easily does he suspect others to be vicious.


Gossip is vice enjoyed vicariously—the sweet, subtle satisfaction without the risk.
Gossip, even when it avoids the sexual, bears about it a faint flavor of the erotic.
Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid.
A gossip is a person who creates the smoke in which other people assume there's fire.
Gossip, even when it avoids the sexual, bears around it a faint flavor of the erotic.
Gossip is a guilty pleasure—the guilt, of course, making it all the more pleasurable.
If all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world.
Gossip, like novels, is a way of turning life into story.  Good gossip approximates art.
Gossip needn't be false to be evil—there's a lot of truth that shouldn't be passed around.
Show me someone who never gossips, and I'll show you someone who isn't interested in people.
There are three great things in the world: there is religion, there is science, and there is gossip.
There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
In general I'd rather talk about other people.  Gossip, or as we gossips like to say, character analysis.
Of course I wouldn't say anything about her unless I could say something good. And, oh boy, is this good!
Let us believe neither half of the good people tell us of ourselves, nor half the evil they say of others.


Rumor and gossip, like sound itself, appear to travel by wave-effect, sheer preposterosity being no barrier.
Gossip isn't scandal and it's not merely malicious.  It's chatter about the human race by lovers of the same.
Malicious gossip, which takes the place of creation in non-creative lives, of course draws heavily on imagination.
Gossip...was like any other commodity in the marketplace. You received it only if you had something of value to give.
It is only before those who are glad to hear it, and anxious to spread it, that we find it easy to speak ill of others.
There are two kinds of people who blow through life like a breeze—one kind is the gossipers, and the other is gossipees.
She proceeded to dip her little fountain-pen filler into pots of oily venom and to squirt this mixture at all her friends.
Good gossip is just what's going on. Bad gossip is stuff that is salacious, mean and bitchy—the kind most people really enjoy.
Another good thing about gossip is that it is within everybody's reach,
And it is much more interesting than any other form of speech.
The gossip of the future may not be a backbiting, nosy, tongue-wagging two-face but a super-megabyte, random-access, digital interface.
Gossip is the art-form of the man and woman in the street, and the proper subject for gossip, as for all art, is the behavior of mankind.
Ah, well, the truth is always one thing, but in a way it's the other thing, the gossip, that counts.  It shows where people's hearts lie.
Gossip is a sort of smoke that comes from the dirty tobacco-pipes of those who diffuse it; it proves nothing but the bad taste of the smoker.
Anyone who has obeyed nature by transmitting a piece of gossip experiences the explosive relief that accompanies the satisfying of a primary need.
A gossip is one who talks about others; a bore is one who talks about himself; and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself.

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While gossip among women is universally ridiculed as low and trivial, gossip among men, especially if it is about women, is called theory, or idea, or fact.

men and women

What is gossip but unsubstantiated rumor?  People are universally interested in gossip. I think gossip is just news running ahead of itself in red satin dress.
Gossip makes hypocrites of us all.  We condemn it publicly yet strain to hear the latest dirt, and our aural antenna twitch all the more when the news of another is bad.
Gossip is one of the great luxuries of a democracy.  It is the tawdry jewel in the crown of free speech and free expression. You don't read gossip columns in dictatorships.

freedom of speech

The widespread interest in gossip is inspired, not by a love of knowledge but by malice: no one gossips about other people's secret virtues, but only about their secret vices.
Professional psychologists seem to think that they are the only people who make sense out of human actions. The rest of us know that everybody tries to do just this. What else is gossip?
By collecting gossipy anecdotes, we invade the celebrity's world.  By shaping narratives around their pecadilloes, we assert our priority over them.  It's the prose version of the strip search.
In our appetite for gossip, we tend to gobble down everything before us, only to find, too late, that it is our ideals we have consumed, and we have not been enlarged by the feasts but only diminished.
The right sort of gossip is a charming and stimulating thing. The Odyssey itself is simply glorious gossip, and the same may be said of nearly every tale of mingled fact and legend which has been handed down to us through the ages.
Of course we women gossip on occasion.  But our appetite for it is not as avid as a man's.  It is in the boys' gyms, the college fraternity houses, the club locker rooms, the paneled offices of business that gossip reaches its luxuriant flower.
It doesn't start as a story; it starts as an inflection of the voice, a question asked in a certain tone and not answered with "no"; a prolonged little silence, a twinkle in the eye, a long-drawn "w-e-e-ell—I don't know." These are the fine roots of the tree whose poisonous fruits are gossip and slander.