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Edith, stifle yourself!
Men are nicer to the women they don't marry.

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A man's best possession is a sympathetic wife.


Wives are people who feel they don't dance enough.
A man's wife has more power over him than the state has.
Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.


My wife was too beautiful for words, but not for arguments.


I'm having trouble managing the mansion. What I need is a wife.
No man should have a secret from his wife—she invariably finds it out.
What a pity it is that nobody knows how to manage a wife, but a bachelor.
Many a man owes his success to his first wife and his second wife to his success.


Of earthly goods, the best is a good wife; A bad, the bitterest curse of human life.


There is nothing like a good dose of another woman to make a man appreciate his wife.


An occasional lucky guess as to what makes a wife tick is the best a man can hope for, Even then, no sooner has he learned how to cope with the tick than she tocks.
Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means you're in the wrong house, that's what it means.