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An intentional "error" in the details of your message will attract criticism. The attention will make your message rise in importance—at least in people's minds—simply because everyone is talking about it.


No one has to twist his words because what he says is twisted enough. He speaks fluent pretzel.
Pundits are asking why President Trump is starting trade disputes when the economy is doing well. Answer: That's the best time to do them. Lowest short term cost (pain) and substantial long term upside potential.

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We should beware of the demagogues who are willing to declare a trade war against our friends, weakening our economy, our national security, and the entire free world, all while cynically waving the American flag.

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I can't see the point, he only talks about himself and he's only interested in himself. I can't see that as being scintillating dinner conversation. Plus he eats his steak well done. I think that really settles it.
Trump's unexpected win created a persuasion bomb that no one knew how to defuse. The anti-Trumpers were locked into their Hitler movie, and confirmation bias would keep them there. It was a terrible situation for a country. And it was an enormous challenge for Trump, the Master Persuader.