Martini Quotes

Most popular martini quotes

Happiness is a Dry Martini.
The only American invention as perfect as a sonnet.
One is all right, two is too many, and three is not enough.
You ought to get out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini.
A fine martini has a surface tension.  It should stun, then cascade through your being.
The perfect martini is crystal clear to the eye, chilled to the lips, dry to the tongue.
They should always be stirred so that the molecules lie sensuously on top of one another.
As you get older you don't drink all night, so you want a drink that lets you know you had a drink.
I am prepared to believe that a dry martini slightly impairs the palate, but think what it does for the soul.


This is an excellent martini, Mr, President.  It sort of tastes like it isn't there at all.  Just a cold cloud.
Those dry martinis did the work for me;
Last night at twelve I felt immense,
Today I feel like thirty cents.
A good martini, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman...or a bad woman, depending on how much happiness you can stand.


There is something about a Martini,
A tingle remarkably pleasant;
A yellow, a mellow Martini;
I wish that I had one at present.
The martini (a.k.a. The Silver bullet, The Cold War, White Lightning, Olive Soup, and See-Through) is not just a drink.  It is the soul of cocktail—a liquid icon.
Well, with one martini ah feel bigger, wiser, taller, and with two it goes to the superlative, and ah feel biggest, wisest, tallest, and with three there ain't no holdin' me.
Martinis . . . have a muting effect on the constant ringing in my ears, and as five o'clock approaches, my thoughts turn toward the elixir of quietude.  Gin stops the bell from tolling.
A word of caution to neophyte Martini drinkers: When taken to excess, this perfectly civilized drink can lead directly to uncivilized behavior. . . .  The purpose of the Martini is to enhance the evening, not to obliterate it.
The Martini is a cocktail distilled from the wink of a platinum blonde, the sweat of a polo horse, the blast of an ocean liner's horn, the Chrysler building at sunset, a lost Cole Porter tune, and the aftershave of quipping detectives in natty double-breasted suits.
You can no more keep a Martini in the refrigerator than you can keep a kiss there.  The proper union of gin and vermouth is a great and sudden glory; it is one of the happiest marriages on earth, and one of the shortest-lived.  The fragile tie of ecstasy is broken in a few minutes, and thereafter there can be no remarriage.