Birthday Quotes

Most popular birthday quotes

There is still no cure for the common birthday.
Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.
Is that a birthday? 'tis, alas! too clear;

'Tis but the funeral of the former year.
Most of us can remember a time when a birthday—especially if it was one's own—brightened the world as if a second sun had risen.
The first fact about the celebration of a birthday is that it is a way of affirming defiantly, and even flamboyantly, that it is a good thing to be alive.
I think it's wonderful that you could all be here for the forty third anniversary of my thirty-ninth birthday. We decided not to light the candles this year—we were afraid Pan Am would mistake it for a runway.


Yet, when all is said and done, birthdays are mere records of time, not registers of distance. They are chronometers, not speedometers. They tell us how long we have been upon the road, not how far we have travelled.