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Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea.
— Samuel Coleridge


Friendship is a sheltering tree.


He prayeth best, who loveth best.


Joy rises in me, like as a summer's morn.
— Samuel Coleridge


There is nothing insignificant...nothing.
— Samuel Coleridge
My eyes make pictures, when they are shut.
— Samuel Coleridge


Earth, with her thousand voices, praises God.
— Samuel Coleridge


The truth is, a great mind must be androgynous.

greatness mind androgyny

A mother is a mother still,
The holiest thing alive.
— Samuel Coleridge


In politics, what begins in fear usually ends in folly.

politics fear folly

Every principle contains in itself the germs of a prophecy.
— Samuel Coleridge
Tranquillity! Thou better name than all the family of Fame.
— Samuel Coleridge
Our Own Heart, And Not Other Men's Opinion, Form Our True Honor.
— Samuel Coleridge
Common-sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.
— Samuel Coleridge

wisdom common sense

Force yourself to reflect on what you read, paragraph by paragraph.
— Samuel Coleridge
No man was ever honored for what he received, but for what he gave.
— Samuel Coleridge
If you are not a thinking man, to what purpose are you a man at all?


Painting is the intermediate somewhat between a thought and a thing.


To see him act was like reading Shakespeare by flashes of lightning.


By dignity I mean the absence of ludicrous and debasing associations.


There is one art of which man should be master, the art of reflection.
— Samuel Coleridge
And the Devil did grin, for his darling sin
Is pride that apes humility.


The largest and worthiest portion of our knowledge consists of aphorisms.


Be noble! Our own heart, and not other men's opinions forms our true honor.
— Samuel Coleridge
No mind is thoroughly well organized that is deficient in a sense of humor.
— Samuel Coleridge


Death but supplies the oil for the inextinguishable lamp of everlasting life.

death afterlife

Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve,
And hope without an object cannot live.
— Samuel Coleridge


Indignation at literary wrongs I leave to men born under happier stars. I cannot afford it.


If a man is not rising upwards to be an angel, depend upon it, he is sinking downwards to be a devil.

mankind aspiration

In the treatment of nervous cases, he is the best physician, who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope.


Advice, like snow, the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind.


Advice is like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper its sinks into the mind.
— Samuel Coleridge
A poet ought not to pick nature's pocket: let him borrow, and so borrow as to repay by the very act of borrowing.


Dryden's genius was of that sort which catches fire by its own motion: his chariot-wheels got hot by driving fast.


I have often thought what a melancholy world this would be without children— and what an inhuman world, without the aged.
— Samuel Coleridge


For language is the armory of the human mind; and at once contains the trophies of its past, and the weapons of its future conquests.


A falsehood is, in one sense, a dead thing; but too often it moves about, galvanized by self-will, and pushes the living out of their seats.


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.  For what is enthusiasm but the oblivion and swallowing-up of self in an object dearer than self?


The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions - the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment.
— Samuel Coleridge
Sympathy constitutes friendship; but in love there is a sort of antipathy, or opposing passion. Each strives to be the other, and both together make up one whole.
— Samuel Coleridge
Poetry is certainly something more than good sense, but it must be good sense at all events; just as a palace is more than a house, but it must be a house, at least.


Reviewers are usually people who would have been poets, biographers...if they could; they have tried their talents at one or the other, and have failed; therefore they turn to critics.

critics reviews

Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm. It is the real allegory of the myth of Orpheus; it moves stones, and charms brutes. It is the genius of sincerity, and truth accomplishes no victories without it.
— Samuel Coleridge


Genius must have talent as its complement and implement, just as in like manner imagination must have fancy.  In short, the higher intellectual powers can only act through a corresponding energy of the lower.

genius talent talent & genius

If men could learn from history, what lessons it might teach us!  But passion and party blind our eyes, and the light which experience gives is a lantern on the stern, which shines only on the waves behind us.

history experience

The happiness of life, on the contrary, is made up of minute fractions—the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of playful raillery, and the countless other infinitesimals of pleasurable and genial feeling.