Judgment Quotes

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Few things make us feel finer than havin' our judgment vindicated.
Knowledge is the treasure, but judgment the treasurer, of a wise man.


In an age of infinite leverage, judgment is the most important skill.
There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen.


Judgment comes from experience—and experience comes from bad judgment.


You can't depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.


Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.
Distrust your judgment the moment you can discern the shadow of a personal motive in it.


Science at best is not wisdom; it is knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge tempered with judgment.

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It is only an error in judgment to make a mistake, but it argues an infirmity of character to stick to it.

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Interest is the spur of the people, but glory that of great souls. Invention is the talent of youth, and judgment of age.

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Judgment is more than skill. It sets forth on intellectual seas beyond the shores of hard indisputable factual information.
A man's judgment is best when he can forget himself and any reputation he may have acquired and can concentrate wholly on making the right decisions.

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