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The PC is the LSD of the '90s.


Why not? Why not? Why not? Yeah!
— Timothy Leary
If you want to change the way people respond to you, change the way you respond to people.
— Timothy Leary

dealing with people

All suffering is caused by being in the wrong place. If you're unhappy where you are, MOVE.
— Timothy Leary
We are dealing with the best-educated generation in history. But they've got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go.
— Timothy Leary


Critics have told me I've ruined the lives of 50 million young people. I can't be certain of this, since only about 10 million have ever come back to thank me.
— Timothy Leary
The danger of psychedelic drugs, the danger of mind-opening, the danger of consciousness expansion, the danger of inner discovery is a danger to the establishment.
— Timothy Leary

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The word "religion" beautifully defines itself, of course.  It translates "to bind" from the Latin—"re" means back and "ligare" means to tie up. All religions are straightjackets, jackets for the straight.