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Literature is news that STAYS news.


Music rots when it gets too far from the dance.


Poetry atrophies when it gets too far from music.


With one day's reading a man may have the key in his hands.


When two men in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary.
— Ezra Pound

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Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree.


The difference between a gun and a tree is a difference of tempo. The tree explodes every spring.
— Ezra Pound


The intellect is a very nice whirligig toy, but how people take it seriously is more than I can understand.


Artists are the antennae of the race, but the bullet-headed many will never learn to trust their great artists.


The act of bell ringing is symbolic of all proselytizing religions. It implies the pointless interference with the quiet of other people.
— Ezra Pound


Real knowledge goes into natural man in titbits. A scrap here, a scrap there; always pertinent, linked to safety, or nutrition or pleasure.
— Ezra Pound

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A classic is a classic not because it conforms to certain structural rules, or fits certain definitions (of which its author had quite probably never heard).  It is classic because of a certain eternal and irrepressible freshness.