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They're babes in the woods. I think I can help turn Alvy and Ed into businessmen.
We believe it's the biggest advance in animation since Walt Disney started it all with the release of Snow White 50 years ago.
Pixar's seen by a lot of folks as an overnight success, but if you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.

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We've pioneered the whole medium of computer animation, but John [Lasseter] once said—and this really stuck with me—"No amount of technology will turn a bad story into a good story.". .. That dedication to quality is really ingrained in the culture of this studio.
Pixar's got by far and away the best computer graphics talent in the entire world, and it now has the best animation and artistic talent in the whole world to do these kinds of film. There's really no one else in the world who could do this stuff. It's really phenomenal. We're probably close to ten years ahead of anybody else.
I don't think you'll be able to boot up any computer today in 20 years. [But] Snow White has sold 28 million copies, and it's a 60-year-old production. People don't read Herodotus or Homer to their kids anymore, but everybody watches movies. These are our myths today. Disney puts those myths into our culture, and hopefully Pixar will, too.


At Apple, there are ten really important decisions to make every week. It's a transactional company: it's got a lot of new products every month. And if some of those decisions are wrong, maybe you can fix them a few months later. At Pixar, because I'm not directing the movies, there are just a few really important strategic decisions to make every month, maybe even every quarter, but they're really hard to change. Pixar's much slower-paced. But you can't change your mind when you go down these paths.


At Apple we come at everything asking, "How easy is this going to be for the user? How great it is going to be for the user?" After that, it's like at Pixar. Everyone in Hollywood says the key to good animated movies is story, story, story. But when it really gets down to it, when the story isn't working, they will not stop production and spend more money and get the story right. That's what I see about the software business. Everybody says, "Oh, the user is the most important thing," but nobody else really does it.


Apple has some pretty amazing people, but the collection of people at Pixar is the highest concentration of remarkable people I have ever witnessed. There's a person who's got a Phd. in computer-generated plants—3D grass and trees and flowers. There's another who is the best in the world at putting imagery on film. Also, Pixar is more multidisciplinary than Apple ever will be. But the key thing is that it is much smaller. Pixar's got 450 people. You could never have the collection of people that Pixar has now if you went to two thousand people.
Apple is the most creative technology company out there—just like Pixar is the most technologically adept creative company.. .. Also, almost all recording artists use Macs and they have iPods, and now most of the music industry people have iPods as well. There's a trust in the music community that Apple will do something right—that it won't cut corners—and that it cares about the creative process and about the music. Also, our solution encompasses operating system software, server software, application software, and hardware. Apple is the only company in the world that has all that under one roof. We can invent a complete solution that works—and take responsibility for it.