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When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will.

free trade

If we think of globalization like a billiard ball, it annihilates the rich virtues of each culture.
Globalization, as an economic and social ideology, has negatively affected our poorest communities.
There's just no place you can go any longer and escape the global problems, so one's thinking must become global.
At no other moment in history has humanity had the possibility, as it does now, of building a plural, unified world community.

brotherhood of man

The kind of globalization that makes things uniform is essentially imperialist. At the end it becomes a way of enslaving people.
Globalization as a unidirectional and uniform imposition of values, practices, and goods goes hand in hand with imitation and cultural, intellectual, and spiritual subordination.
Globalization has signified an accelerated deterioration of cultural roots, what with the invasion of other cultural tendencies, be they in music, fast-food businesses, malls, means of communication, etc.
Money also has a homeland, and he who exploits an industry in a country and takes the money to another country to store it is sinning, because he is not honoring with that money that country that enriched him.
From Bangkok to São Paulo, from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles or Sydney, many young people are listening to the same music; kids see the same cartoons; families dress, eat, and have fun in the same stores. Nonetheless, this globalization is an ambiguous reality.
A Canadian is someone who drinks Brazilian coffee from an English teacup, and munches a French pastry while sitting on his Danish furniture, having just come home from an Italian movie in his German car. He picks up his Japanese pen and writes to his MP to complain about the American takeover of the Canadian publishing business.


To fight the effects of globalization that led to the closure of many factories and the consequences of misery and unemployment, you have to promote bottom-up economic growth with the creation of small and medium-sized companies. Outside help should not just come in the form of funds but should also reinforce a work culture and a political culture.