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Autobiography is a life writing its life.


The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.


An opinion should be treated like a guest who is likely to stay too late and drink all the whiskey.


I love metaphor the way some people love junk food.  I think metaphorically, I feel metaphorically, see metaphorically.


It is discouraging to leave the past behind only to see it coming toward you like the thunderstorm which drenched you yesterday.

the past

Alas, there are so many kinds of commas: those that lie like rocks in the path of a sentence, slowing its gait and requiring the reader's heed to avoid a stumble; their gentler cousins, impairing a pell-mell flow of meaning the way pebbles slow a stream; commas that indicate a pause for thinking things over; commas enclosing phrases the way the small pockets in a purse hug hairpins or collect bits of loose change; commas that return us to our last stop, and those that some schoolmarm has insisted should be placed, like a traffic cop, between "stop" and "and."