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Reckless youth makes rueful age.
— Thomas Moore
The heart that has truly loved never forgets.
— Thomas Moore
My only books
Were Woman's looks,
And Folly's all they taught me.

beauty folly

Disguise our bondage as we will, 'tis woman, woman, rules us still.
— Thomas Moore
Humility, that low sweet root,
From which all heavenly virtues shoot.


Humility, that low, sweet root from which all heavenly virtues shoot.
— Thomas Moore
We can't survive without enchantment . . . the loss of it is killing us.
— Thomas Moore
The heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first to be touched by the thorns.
— Thomas Moore
The only thing as challenging as getting tangled in the underbrush of relationship is trying to write about it.


It is quite cruel that a poet cannot wander through his regions of enchantment without having a critic forever, like the old Man of the Sea, upon his back.