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Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely in the eye.


Who despises an insignificant enemy resembles him who is careless about fire.


If thou covetest riches, ask not but for contentment, which is an immense treasure.


The whelp of a wolf must prove a wolf at last, notwithstanding he may be brought up by a man.


Were the diver to think on the jaws of the shark, he would never lay hands on the precious pearl.


To tell a falsehood is like the cut of a saber; for though the wound may heal, the scar of it will remain.


In the faculty of speech man excels the brute; but if thou utterest what is improper, the brute is thy superior.


If a piece of worthless stone can bruise a cup of gold, its worth is not increased, nor that of the gold diminished.


Whoever interrupts the conversation of others to make a display of his own fund of knowledge, makes notorious his own stock of ignorance.