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Afraid is a country with no exit visas.
— Audre Lorde


Anger is loaded with information and energy.


Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.
— Audre Lorde
Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me.


Hatred is a deathwish for the hated, not a lifewish for anything else.


I am a reflection of my mother's secret poetry as well as of her hidden angers.

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The woman's place of power within each of us is neither white nor surface; it is dark, it is ancient, it is deep.
— Audre Lorde

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Our visions are essential to create that which has never been, and we must each learn to use all of who we are to achieve those visions.


The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared by them.


Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought.  The farthest horizons of our hopes and fears are cobbled by our poems, carved from the rock experiences of our daily lives.


Pain is an event, an experience that must be recognized, named, and then used in some way in order for the experience to change, to be transformed into something else, strength or knowledge or action.

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Suffering, on the other hand, is the nightmare reliving of unscrutinized and unmetabolized pain.  When I live through pain without recognizing it, self-consciously, I rob myself of the power that can come from using that pain, the power to fuel some movement beyond it.