Translation Quotes

Most popular translation quotes

Translation is at best an echo.
Please, never despise the translator.  He's the mailman of human civilization.
Translation is the art of erasing oneself in order to speak in another's voice.
Translations, like wives, are seldom faithful if they are in the least attractive.
The art of translation, it is well to remember, is at best always an honorable compromise.
Any one who attempts to translate from one tongue into another will know moods of despair when he feels he is wasting his time upon an impossible task.
The best metaphor I know for translation is from my friend Eamon Grennan, who translated the poems of Leopardi. It's like walking in a clear mountain stream, looking at colorful stones in the water. You find one so gorgeous, you put it in your pocket, take it home and put it on a shelf.  In the morning you are surprised that the stone looks so dull and without luster. You have the stone, but you have removed it from the water of its home language so it has lost its luster.