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I would rather have a prostate exam on live television by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page.
The next digital literacy won't be about the nuts and bolts of how to use the web or a mobile phone, but how to set boundaries about when we let them encroach on our downtime.

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[Social] networks, search engines and e-commerce sites are conceptually designed to reduce our concerns about privacy. The technologies themselves aren't passive. "These technologies are as neutral as guns", says Jim Adler.

Internet technology there are other people watching and categorising us, manipulating our social lives for their purposes. The effect is that our seemingly random pathways through the web are actually determined by what we want to know and what we want to hear.


We're becoming less interested in different ideas ... and opinions that clash with our own. ... Because of the way the technology encourages this by filtering out differences, the way we currently navigate the online world may result in social division instead of social cohesion.


Once we've identified our tribe... we may fall prey to something called pluralistic ignorance — the belief that everyone else thinks as we do... On the web... we tend to assume that... everyone else is more dedicated to the cause than we are... This effect inspires people to increase their extremism to conform... It's increasingly easy for online hate groups to play on this.


With hindsight, we can see how optimistic the people who populated the early internet were. They believed that the technology would expose how trivial our apparent differences are and lead us to greater global social harmony. After all, how can you hate someone because of their skin colour, nationality, religion, gender or sexuality if you discover a mutual affinity for the same kind of comedy... or music... Rather than creating a global group hug, we're coping with the vast information and possibilities online by going tribal.

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