Arrogance Quotes

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When people call you intelligent it is almost always because they agree with you. Otherwise they just call you arrogant.

human nature

If assholes don't find you arrogant, you are doing something wrong.
He was like a cock, who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow.
Timing and arrogance are decisive factors in the successful use of talent.

talent timing

The arrogance of some Christians would close heaven to them if, to their misfortune, it existed.


There are some things the arrogant mind does not see; it is blinded by its vision of what it desires.
To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight to the blood.
It is the privilege of any human work which is well done to invest the doer with a certain haughtiness.

work excellence

Arrogance rides triumphantly through the gates, barely glancing at the old woman about to cut the rope and spring shut the trap.
The most important scientific revolutions all include, as their only common feature, the dethronement of human arrogance from one pedestal after another of previous convictions about our centrality in the cosmos.