About Us

About WonderfulQuote.com


To curate all of the best quotes for any topic or occasion.

Why was WonderfulQuote launched?

There are many websites of quotations out there. Some are even pretty good. But there is no website that curates the best quotes for a given topic and ensures that all quotes on that page do, in fact, relate to that topic. WonderfulQuote aims to be that site.

We know we have a long way to go; in many ways this is a never-ending journey. But the important thing is we will never stop trying to get there.

Human Curation

All quotes on WonderfulQuote are tagged by our editors. This ensures all the quotes that you read are tagged appropriately. Hand-selecting and editorially tagging quotes and their topics is a time-consuming process, but gives us unmatched quality.

Quotes in Pictures

For many of our quotes you will find them in different flavors with stunning background images. These have been specifically selected to be as topical as possible. We recognize that some of our readers will use these pictures for presentations or on social media. Occasional such use is totally fine; please try and credit us where possible.

Ways to Engage

There are multiple ways to engage with WonderfulQuote. Our website works beautifully on all devices. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Soon we will launch subscriptions for Quote of the Day via email, RSS and browser notifications. You will be able to subscribe for quotes by topic. We also plan to release a WordPress plugin so you can embed beautiful quotes on your blog or website.