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In creative endeavors luck is a skill.


Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.


Dancing is like bank robbery. It takes split-second timing.
— Twyla Tharp Ms

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Metaphor is the lifeblood of all art, if it is not art itself.

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The routine is as much a part of the creative process as the lightning bolt of inspiration (perhaps more). And it is available to everyone.
Generosity is luck going in the opposite direction, away from you. If you're generous to someone, if you do something to help him out, you are in effect making him lucky. This is important. It's like inviting yourself into a community of good fortune.

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Creativity is an act of defiance.  You're challenging the status quo.  You're questioning accepted truths and principles.  You're asking three universal questions that mock conventional wisdom: "Why do I have to obey the rules?"  "Why can't I be different?"  "Why can't I do it my way?"