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The most odious of all oppressions are those which mask as justice.


Men are more often bribed by their loyalties and ambitions than by money.
— Robert Jackson


A person gets from a symbol the meaning he puts into it, and what is one man's comfort and inspiration is another's jest and scorn.


Symbolism is a primitive but effective way of communicating ideas.  The use of an emblem or flag . . . is a short cut from mind to mind.


Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters.  Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only a unanimity of the graveyard.


We must not forget that in our country are evangelists and zealots of many different political, economic, and religious persuasions whose fanatical conviction is that all thought is divinely classified into two kinds—that which is their own and that which is false and dangerous.