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The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose.

purpose of life

We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it.

the past

There is nothing quite as potent as a focused life, one lived on purpose.

focus purpose of life

Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.


Because God is love, the most important lesson he wants you to learn on earth is how to love.
— Rick Warren
Life is a series of problems.  Every time you solve one, another is waiting to take its place.

life problems problem-solving

Great opportunities may come once in a lifetime, but small opportunities surround us every day.
— Rick Warren


In deep pain, people don't need logic, advice, encouragement, or even Scripture. They just need you to show up and shut up.

encouragement pain

When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you'll never get back.  Your time is your life.  That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.