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What you risk reveals what you value.


Language is what stops the heart exploding.


Language is a finding place, not a hiding place.
— Jeanette Winterson


The curious are always in some danger.  If you are curious you might never come home.


Unhappy families are conspiracies of silence. The one who breaks the silence is never forgiven.


The impulse to worship is impossible to eradicate.  Even the most prosaic have to worship something.


Art, all art, not just painting, is a foreign city, and we deceive ourselves when we think it familiar.


I'm always nervous about going home, just as I am nervous about rereading books that have meant a lot to me.

reading re-reading

Why is it that the most unoriginal thing we can say to one another is still the thing we long to hear? 'I love you' is always a quotation.
— Jeanette Winterson
I have noticed that doing the sensible thing is only a good idea when the decision is quite small. For the life-changing things, you must risk it.


There are different kinds of infidelity, but betrayal is betrayal wherever you find it.  By betrayal, I mean promising to be on your side, then being on somebody else's.


Memoir is like a patchwork quilt—a log cabin pioneer way of piecing together experience.  It satisfies our need for gossip and intimacy, for testimony and confessional, and in this world of spin, offers a truthful account of what it means to succeed or fail, to love and lose, to break your heart and mend it again.
— Jeanette Winterson