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Nice is: Helpful. People Pleaser is: Subservient.
Nice is: Positive, yet honest and straightforward. People Pleaser is: Sweeping things under the rug to avoid making waves.
True success comes when you use your talents and your genuine kindness to do work that is aligned with your values and passions.

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The key to making nice your superpower is to own your niceness and use it intentionally by connecting it to the things you care about.


By taking on more than was asked of me, I had proven my diligence and effectiveness. I had looked up and seen what my boss really needed and then stepped up.

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When I think about someone who is ambitious, I think about someone who does three things: They take credit for their own work and ideas; they step up when opportunities arise; and they proactively create opportunities for themselves.

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When you are creating opportunities, it's essential to find the key stakeholders and bring them along with you. Make them a part of the process. By making it clear that you are looking to collaborate instead of compete, you'll earn their trust and their respect.

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To create an opportunity, start with a casual conversation, and then, if you receive an enthusiastic response, move on to a more formal proposal. For this initial conversation, give him or her the headline first. What is the subject you are there to discuss? Then, break your idea down into three bullet points that summarize: (1) the opportunity you are capitalizing on (or the problem you're trying to solve), (2) a few data points that demonstrate the size of the opportunity, and (3) why you're the one to address it.